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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Bass Ackwards

I did so well, and then everything went bass ackwards.  I really thought that after my spouse left for work training (he'll be gone thru July) that I could just quit eating.  Silly, I know.  I should know myself after cough35cough years that when I'm stressed I eat. And what didn't help is the food was almost shoved before me.  I ate out more in one week than I had in 3 months I think.

But, it's May now.  I want to be all "WOOHOO I'm diving in!" but I'll be totally honest--I probably won't be.  But I am joining the May Your Way challenge. (See that button over there? ---> Click it to join too!) My goals for this challenge are very simple:

1) At the very least maintain my weight and try not to let the scale go over 160, and if I control the emotional eating I hope to even lose the 5+ pounds I've gained back.

2) Survive May.

Let me explain 2.  I'm at least done running the kids on Tuesdays, and don't have the worry of having to take off work for that.  Being the last month of school there's the end of school projects, field trips, parties.  What I'm really holding out for is June.  Between basketball camp and vacations the children will be with grandparents more than home. My husband joked I was going to use the free time to go find a better spouse, I said "hell yeah!" Of course I didn't say that, I told him "you know what I'll be doing - going to the gym." I can't wait!

So anyway, starting weight:

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  1. You can do this!! Stress is soooo bad!! Just do the best you can and you will be rewarded!