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Thursday, February 3, 2011

2 Firsts

I got to see something today that I haven't seen in about 15 years.

The 150s on the scale! Ok, so it's just barely there, but that's a 5, not a 6 !! I do fully expect to be back in the 60s again, and maybe even hang there a bit--based on my history.  But I also do have this tiny hope that the number will go down and fully plant me in the 50s for good. That hope is based on my second 1st today. 

After my frustration of just sitting within a three pound range, last week I decided to try something for a jump start.  Let me precursor that I don't believe diet pills are the answer.  I know they don't lead to lasting weight loss, or they don't lead to any weight loss at all.  But, the frustrated part of me wanted to try something, anything.  Ok, not anything. But after working my ass off at the gym, eating within my alloted calories, and not losing, I gave in to the illusion a diet pill may help. 

I decided on Fahrenheit Nutrition's Lean EFX. 
It cost approximately $35 for 45 pills.  The label says 1 pill in the morning with food.  Do not take later in the day.  And after taking my first pill, I saw why.  Wow did it give me energy! At first I didn't notice much of an appetite suppressant effect, I was hungry all morning.  But then at lunch I had a PB&J, Blueberry Chobani greek yogurt, and a Babybel Light--about average for what I have most lunches.  But after lunch I felt stuffed, and I continued to feel that way all afternoon into the evening. So I'm noticing it now lol. 

As for if it really helps burn more fat, etc., I'll get back to you on that.  The scale should show the difference if it works.  

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