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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Power of One Weigh-in Feb 2

Well this last week has been sort of eventful. The school called Wednesday afternoon, my son was sick. And that was the beginning of THE FLU. (Did ya hear it? That deep ominous announcer voice boldly stating THE FLU.) By Friday my daughter and I had it. Now thankfully, IMO, it was respiratory influenza rather than stomach flu. I just hate stomach flu, the puking, the shits, the cramping, etc. Anyway, we spent the weekend on the sofa. By Sunday night my husband had it.

I learned something by being sick. I didn’t monitor my calories, I tried to eat healthy but ate more than I would on a normal day. On Sunday, I did some laundry & such, and my Bodymedia Fit told me I’d burned 2300 calories that day. I thought, I barely burn that when I’m walking at work, how did I burn that sitting at home most of the day? Turns out, being sick ups your metabolism a bit. Awesome, right? Except, I expect it will go back to normal now that I’m feeling better. Now, if I can just keep off the 2 pounds I lost. Since I didn’t blog last week about my weigh in…

Last week’s weigh in: 163.6



  1. What's the quote? 'I'm only one stomach flu away from my goal weight'. Ha. Okay, it's only funny in a twisted way!
    Sorry about the sick, but congrats on the loss. Hope everyone is healthy soon!

  2. Congrats on the loss despite the misery that brought it. Feel better soon!