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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Power of One Checkin

The last couple weeks have been busy, or I just havn't had the desire to post anything online.  We had the flu, then a subsequent cold, then out of town. I had one child's birthday, I have the spouse and other child to go yet in February.  February is "eat lots of cake month" in our house.

What I've been happy with is the scale.  Considering a weekend out of town that included eating out a lot, I knew there would be a gain. So while it is up, it's not as bad as I feared it could have been.  And I'm actually so tickled I've been able to keep under 160.

What I find frustrating is my current activity level and my aspiration--or lack thereof.  The most exercise I get lately is a 20 minute walk break at work.  That's so far off from where I was, someone who exercised 2 hrs 5 times a week.  Work has slowly taken that away little by little every month that goes by, coupled with a heel spur causing significant pain in my foot, I just don't get the cardio in that I was able to.  But, that doesn't excuse me from strength training--I have no excuse for that other than laziness.  *suck*

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  1. It's hard to balance it all but you are at least getting some exercise in and that's benefiting you in more ways than the weight loss area.