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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Frustrating Dream

I had a weird frustrating dream this morning.  I dreamt I finally got to go to the gym. I was on the fancy treadmill doing a half-assed run.  When I got off I noticed that it was the only one of that kind, normally there are 4 of them.  Then I looked around and realized that a lot of the equipment was missing or moved.  All the bikes were gone...being used in the Great American Bike Race.  The weight machines were scattered in no order, bunched up, in disarray.  I couldn't figure out where anything was, or what to do.  Was very frustrating.

I don't think the dream means much, there's not like a hidden meaning or anything, just a reflection of my frustration of not being able to go there.  I like it there, and I feel like it's been taken away from me.  It's not an excuse to not exercise though, but I've not been very good about doing any sort of exercise at home.  My house is not large, there is no nice big area to do an exercise video with.  The livingroom floor could suffice, if my child wasn't constantly dragging toys in the middle of it.  I know that's not an acceptable excuse either.  Truth is I just don't have the desire or ambition to try exercising at home, for several reasons beyond this whine, but I'd rather be lazy and vegitate in the chair. This time of winter has always been hard for me, the depression is worst right now.  Cmon spring!

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