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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Haunting Anorexic

Ever since I first saw this photo it has haunted me.  No, this picture is not photoshopped or airbrushed.

I went on a search tonight, once again, trying to find out who this model is/was.  Obviously it wasn't someone famous for modeling but being that thin I thought there must be more information out there on her.  Part of my search included looking at photoshopped pics of models.  Many anorexic looking models really aren't that thin, as you can see on this page that shows the airbrushed comparisons (its in french but you'll get the whole idea).  Somehow I stumbled upon a link while going thru google images checking info on each copy of this pic, that led me to the photographer's actual page.  I still had to do a little more digging to get more information other than it one a photo of the year contest in 2007.  What I've found out is:

The photo is titled "Marta" ... so I assume that's her name.  This IS an actual photo, there is no touching up, airbrushing, photoshopping.  What you see is her, plain and simple, haunting in her near death body.  The photo was actually taken in 2006.  The photographer, Andrzej Dragan, is from Poland.  He'd happened upon Marta's photo's she'd submitted to a modeling agency.  She was turned down by them.  He took the opportunity to photograph her, showing us a stark reality of the damage of anorexia.  Last report I could find was in 2007/2008 where he said she had gone into treatment and was recovering.

Here is another pose of Marta that easily found on the internet:

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  1. Thank you for posting this, I'm really curious about Marta's story.