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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Beginning The Power of One

I’m ready I’m ready I’m ready (can you hear the Spongebob tone?) …for this challenge. For the hoedown my goal was to lose 5.5 pounds, and I managed to lose 3.5, and then Christmas came and I gained it back. But! That’s ok, cuz I didn’t gain more! :P This challenge is 8 wonderful weeks long and I’d be just tickled if I could lose 10 pounds. There are several reasons for this, which serve as my resolutions “healthy living goals”:

1. Get my BMI into the "healthy" range. If I lose 10 pounds, that will drop me into the top of the healthy range. 10 pounds, so little yet so far.

2. Lower my cholesterol. Sometime in the next month I am due for a recheck. My dr’s recommendations in July were to “lose weight, continue exercising, and eat less than 200 mg of cholesterol/day”. For the most part I’ve done all of those, and I’m hoping it’s dropped some.

3. Become a better runner. This includes being able to run longer without walking or breaks, and even a little speed.

4. Utilize the equipment I have at home more often. Working out does not mean I need to go to the gym. I have some weights, a ball, an elliptical, a treadmill, a big clunky weight machine—heck it’s our own little mini gym! I just need to use all of it more.

5. To prove to myself that I CAN do it! (and becuz OCD wanted a 5th bullet).

I hope to get a new scale soon, I really want to start posting a pic of my weekly weigh ins cuz I think ya’ll are just cool to be brave enough to do that. EDIT: I will take a “before” pic when I get home from work tonight (see below now). Alas, here are my current stats:

Starting Weight: 164.5
Waist Measurement: 32”
Hips Measurement: 41”

Good lucky and healthy vibes to everyone!

EDITED TO ADD: Here's my bare-almost-all 'before' pics:


  1. sounds like you do have quite the home gym! all the best to you on this coming challenge.

  2. Sounds like obtainable goals... but remember to not forget to give yourself credit for all the hard work you have already accomplished...YOU HAVE DONE AMAZING already!!!


  3. totally attainable goals you can do this!

  4. Good luck on this challenge! You can totally do it!

  5. I'm following you and a fellow Power of One Challenger!

  6. Great goals! I can't wait to follow your progress and cheer you on!

  7. I too can't wait to follow your progress! We are all here for you...and ready. BTW...I love Spongebob :)

    No More Monkey On My Back