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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Wobbly Jelly Bowl

I gave myself this last week off.  I admit it, I knew my willpower to eat healthy & stay on track would be tempted beyond my control.  So I gave in.  I gave up.  I expect the scale to be back up tomorrow morning, between eating too much bad food, too much fat, too much sodium, overall too many calories in general and barely exercising.  I feel like a bloated wobbly jelly bowl.

And just as I gave myself permission to for time off from tracking eating, exercise, etc., I now am declaring the twinkie stops here.  Tomorrow morning I start anew.  Back to tracking food, eating healthy, getting exercise in.  Wednesday will start the new Power of One challenge at Shrinking Jeans. I've signed up. Have you?  Kick 2011 off on a healthy start!

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