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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

True Confession Tuesday

I'm gonna jump on the confession bandwagon at this week. My confession... I'm an exercise slacker.  Well I feel like one anyway.  In my mind I have all these thoughts and ideas and good intentions.  I see things like... hold a plank for 1 minute, do 20 pushups, do 50 crunches, run on my treadmill, use my balance ball.  But what do I do? I rationalize, procrastinate, and plain out ignore the free time I have to fit those in.  I've already come to the acceptance I need to make it happen myself, at home.  I don't have the time or ability to get to the gym a lot of days. Heck, I havn't been in my gym in almost 2 weeks, that's a long time for me. The gym motivates me, and I focus better there.  I don't have the distraction of mom mom mom mom, or a cat crawling thru my legs.  Alas, that time is precious and I have little of it lately.  But I've not been very good about doing what I can at home either.  Shame. 

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  1. insert cleaning for working out and you've got me these past few weeks too. all i can say is even just a little bit will help get the ball rolling.

  2. I think you may have just motivated me to go do some shredding. My excuse is I've been sick but at some point maybe it is just an excuse. I think we both need to get going. Let's resolve to do something even if we can't do everything (because of sick or time constraints). At least it will be a start!