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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Holiday Hoedown Check-in Week 4

Here's my official weekly Hoedown checkin. In some ways a success, in others #fail.  The success is that I finally got to 162.  Why must a half measly little pound be so hard to drop? Geesh. Beyond that victory, I got so-so exercise in.  I have my goals set for 45 minutes every day, and if I walk over my lunch break and then again at my afternoon break I can make it.  I made 245 minutes total this last week.  The #fail comes in at the trying something new.  I have a hard enough time focusing on getting anything in much less trying something new.  My brain just says "walk, now."

The challenges for this next week--increase exercise minutes.  Ack, I'll try, really.  Don't know where I'll get it in, but I spose if I can find five minutes, that's more lol.  The non-fitness challenge, wow this is one I think many of us deal with.  I know I'm great for bashing myself.  Just like finding five minutes... I'll strive for one nice comment.  lol, such high ambition.


  1. Great job this week! Keep working at the "brain change" and you will figure out the "something new" part. And when you do.... A whole new world will open up!

  2. Wonderful job this week! I love what Tiff said and I agree :)

  3. good job getting down to 162 who knows why some weight is easier to lose and some is harder, but you pushed through till you got it done :) keep it up with the exercise - hopefully the positive comment per day will really get you thinking.

  4. You can do it!! You've come this far...what's a little more, right??!! Good job for hitting that 162 mark!