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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Another new challange starting

Not only am I doing the Shrinking Jeans Power of One challenge, they have started a weight loss challenge at work that I figured I'd jump in on.  The biggest difference being the one at work is a $35 buy in.  They have 4 winners--most weight loss, 2nd weight loss, most points, 2nd points, with each winning a certain percentage of the pot.  As of last night there was only like 6 of us joined.  In the past the guys have joined and I figured they could smoke our ladies asses, but I was told they were the opposite. They checked in at the beginning and rarely or never afterward lol.

I figured all I have to lose is $35, hell I've blown money on stupider things lol. The challenge goes till April, so I'm hoping that will keep me motivated during this cold hell winter.  It's -10* F here this morning.  Just lovely. :P

The weigh ins for work are on Tuesdays. Considering I weigh everyday anyway it doesn't matter that I have 2 different weigh in days.  I'm not going to do a weigh in post for the work challenge--none of them read this.  My weigh in posts will remain for the SJPOW on Wednesdays.  I've also added in the upper left, a feed to my tumblr Daily Weigh blog.  I'm posting a pic of the scale every day (that's possible to do so).  I think it will be interesting over the course of the year to see the trends.

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